Newcastle Asbestos Site Demolition

Newcastle Asbestos Site Demolition Services

Old buildings need demolition when they need renovation. But, old buildings may contain asbestos-containing material. Hence, their demolition becomes a more careful project. Asbestos site demolition releases carcinogenic dust in the air. We are an expert asbestos site demolition company in Newcastle, Aus. We carefully measure every step in the demolition process and do not consider it just a knocking down job. We undertake demolition projects of all sizes with industry standards of safety and protection of the environment.

Why us?

Whether it is a partial or full home or commercial demolition, our company offers a three-tier service. First, we measure the extent of ACMs in the building and provide a non-obligatory quote for the whole project. This stage also includes site preparation for a safe demolition, like fencing the site from all sides. Secondly, we undertake the demolition process with the help of modern equipment to ensure zero to minimal release of asbestos dust in the air. We ensure that the entire site demolition is completed within the planned schedule and with utmost care of safety measures. Thirdly, after the extermination, we use the best techniques for decontamination of the site from the carcinogenic asbestos dust

Safe and Clean Asbestos Site Demolition

For a 100 percent successful and safe Newcastle Asbestos site demolition, we pay a visit to the site before the demolition. We design a foolproof plan to ensure that the air at the site is under minute monitoring. For dust suppression, we take extra control measures. Our experts have vast experience in handling asbestos. We meet industry standards in effectively clearing all scattered asbestos dust particles from the site.

Your satisfaction is the goal of our company. For this, we give extensive training to our team on modern tools and industry-approved techniques of safe and secure asbestos house demolition. So, free and safe to send us a site visit request. We offer you free-of-cost site inspection and a non-obligatory quote for our services.

Types of Asbestos Demolition

All types of friable and non-friable asbestos are on our safe removal and disposable list. You can plan the site demolition of your commercial or residential building before the ACMs start deteriorating and releasing fine asbestos dust. Since it is highly carcinogenic, you should not be late. Give us a call and our asbestos site demolition service in Newcastle will be at your disposal.