Asbestos Disposal

Newcastle Asbestos Disposal to Protect the Environment

Asbestos remained a common building material in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings in Austria between 1940 and 1980. But, when it was discovered that asbestos dust causes asbestosis and cancer, the government banned it in 2003. Since then, asbestos companies in Newcastle are offering safe asbestos removal from buildings. However, the removal only does not serve the purpose of human safety, safe and secure asbestos disposal is also crucial. Newcastle Asbestos provide a range of high-quality disposal services regarding asbestos featured materials like veranda cladding, eave linings, roofing, fencing, floor tiles, and others.

How Does Asbestos Becomes Health Hazardous?

The buildings constructed before 1980 have some amount of asbestos-containing material. If your residential or commercial property is one of them, it may require demolition for renovation. Demolition procedures release the asbestos fiber into the air. An ordinary construction company does not have the proper equipment and skill for safe asbestos removal. So, if you plan the demolition and renovation of your property, contact our Newcastle asbestos disposal services like us. We will send our experts for the examination of the site and will offer you a free quote.

Newcastle Asbestos is one of the top licensed and EPA, NSW approved asbestos disposal services in Newcastle. Check out our services for safe asbestos disposal as the old asbestos material is carcinogenic and health hazardous. It needs professional disposal to prevent contamination of soil.

Efficient Asbestos Disposal Service

We are one of the best-certified asbestos companies in Newcastle. Hence, we control the asbestos removal and disposal from buildings under the 1970 Environmental Protection Act and the 1988 Environmental Protection (Prescribed Waste) Regulations. Following are the highlights of our asbestos disposal services:

  • We encapsulate the asbestos features that contain the fibers to prevent them from being released into the air.
  • Pack the soft and crumbly asbestos in sealed bags or sleeves
  • Dispose of the bags in EPA-certified asbestos landfills.
  • Our trained and skilled team compresses asbestos features to protect the demolition sites from carcinogenic dust.

Certified and Licensed Asbestos Disposal Contractors In NSW

Our Newcastle asbestos disposal services specialize in perfect decontamination of sites, safe and efficient disposal of asbestos.

Our expert team coordinates with our clients to set the schedule of procedures at the most convenient time. Our priority is efficiency and we work on every project as smoothly as possible to minimize hassle and disruption of our clients’ daily schedules.

We ensure that after our services, the asbestos is properly disposed of and your premises is completely decontaminated. With the help of modern equipment and technology, we offer immaculate asbestos removal and disposal services in Newcastle. To avail of our environment- friendly and professional asbestos treatment plan, call us today.